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3 Ways Electric Fireplaces in Denver Are Better Than a Traditional Fireplace

electric fireplaces Denver

When you visit a fireplace store in Denver, they’ll usually tell you that an electric fireplace might be better than a traditional one. There are many reasons for that, but most of them have to do with convenience and laxer regulations associated with actually owning an electric fireplace.

  1. Traditional fireplaces used to be all the rage back in the old days. Even today many people really enjoy the comfort of throwing a log onto the fire and relaxing in a chair while reading their favorite newspapers and magazines. However, an electric fireplace might be more practical as well as easier to install.
  2. Electric fireplaces are generally not as much hassle as a traditional one. You don’t need to burn logs or fuel, so there is less of a risk that your fireplace will cause a fire (or explode, in the case of the propane-powered ones).
  3. Electricity is safer, but it’s also more eco-friendly and energy efficient. There are actually places where you can be penalized by a home appraiser with a lower price for your home simply because your fireplace isn’t up to par with newer standards for environmentally friendly and sustainable homes.

Of course, an electric fireplaces Denver expert will attest that all modern fireplaces are generally very safe. However, compared to even the best traditional fireplaces, electric ones seem to have the edge, and their aesthetics can also make your home look more modern and appealing.