OTT (Over The Top) CHILI

OTT (OVER THE TOP) CHILI I tried this last weekend on the Twin Eagles Pellet Grill. I have been seeing alot of posts on  Primo Grill BBQers facebook group page where they are cooking the Chili with the meat smoking over the top of the Chili ingredients and thought I would try it on the […]


CITRUS BRINED TURKEY ON THE PRIMO GRILL We have not tried this one yet but anything from the Primo Grill website is usually great. Turkey Ingredients1 whole thawed turkey3 oranges (wedged)3 lemons (wedged)Brine Ingredients4 cups orange juice0.25 cup lemon juice0.25 cup lime juice0.5 cup cup honey1 cup brown sugar2 cups coarse kosher salt2 Tbsp pickling […]


SMOKED SALMON ON THE PRIMO SMOKER Easy smoked salmon we smoked on the Primo charcoal grill but can also be done on the Memphis or Twin Eagles pellet grill. WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE: Memphis, Twin Eagles Pellet Grill or Primo Smoker Cling Wrap INGRIDEINTS: Salmon Fillets Brown Sugar Kosher Salt Black Pepper WHAT YOU SHOULD […]

Steven Raichlen’s Grilled Eggs With Prociutto

This a great recipe that we found on Memphis Grills website that is Featured on Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire and from the Project Fire cookbook. It is a great and easy recipe that I have cooked on my Memphis Pro many times. If I do not have the Prociutto I have substituted bacon.Ingredients4 thin slices […]

Grilled Porkchops with a Smoked and Chunky Apple Sauce

Grilled Porkchops with a Smoked and Chunky Apple Sauce Ingredients The Meat: 5 Pork chops 3 Tbs of Pork Rub Smoked and Chunky Apple Sauce: 5 Golden Delicious Apples (or other sweet apple variety) 1 Tsp Cinnamon ground ½ Tsp Allspice ground ½ Tsp Salt ½ Cup Apple Juice Preparation 1. Season the pork chops […]

Glazed Corned Beef Braised in Guinness with Cabbage

Glazed Corned Beef On The Memphis Pellet Grill Ingredients Corned Beef brisket, flat cut 1 can Guinness 4 cloves garlic ½ cooking onion 1 medium-sized cabbage 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp dark brown sugar Preparation 1. In the morning remove the flat cut brisket from the plastic and rinse. Place in a stainless steel […]


EASY BEER CAN CHICKEN WITHOUT THE BEER CAN Super easy beer can chicken without the beer can on our Memphis Wood Fired Pellet grill. WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE: Memphis Pellet Grill or Primo Smoker Beer can chicken holder. Temperature probe INGRIDEINTS: 1 whole chicken Seasoned Salt & Pepper or. Your favorite spice mix. We use […]


SMOKED PRIME RIB There are a lot of different recipes and ideas for prime rib but here is the one I have been using for years. It’s simple and everyone I have served it to loves it. You can use either the Primo lump charcoal smoker or the Memphis pellet grill. The only difference is […]


3 CHEESE MAC AND CHEESE This Mac And Cheese can be baked on either the Memphis Wood Fired pellet grill or the Primo lump charcoal smoker. We have made it on each and the only difference is the Primo will give it a little bit more smokey flavor. WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE: Primo Grill or […]

Bacon Crusted Spare Ribs

This is a recipe we found on “The BBQ Pit Boys” web site. Be sure to check out the site for some awesome looking recipes for most any type of smoker. We thought anything with bacon has to be good so we gave it a try on our Memphis Pellet Grill here at the store. […]