Busted Barrel Furniture

The fire pit can be used with natural gas or propane. The wine barrel fire table has an access door for the LP tank. The heavy duty casters allow for easy movement of the fire pit. Rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, tables, benches, bar stools, wine racks, etc. are also available.         (Chairs sold separately.)

Our handcrafted one of a kind pieces are made from one of the strongest and most durable woods on the planet, white oak.  There is a reason that coopers from around the world use this rugged wood when making their barrels.  White oak is naturally water and rot resistant due to its closed cellular structure.  It has been widely used in shipbuilding, as well as interior and exterior construction for centuries.  White oak is the worldwide “go to wood” in the fine art of aging wine and spirits because of it’s incredibly unique properties. 

All of our furniture and accessories come from the finest handpicked white oak barrels.  They have lived out their lifespan as vessels for aging the finest wines from around the world.  We upcycle these barrels into some of the finest and most durable and artistic furnishings that you could ever own. 

Whether you are looking for unique home or business decor, or just a simple gift, we are here to make your vision a reality!