Choosing a fireplace that perfectly fits your home is not a simple decision. Once you have established the technical aspects, such as materials, the type, the heat distribution, and other details, you must also deal with the design part.

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Mantles are an important part of the design of a fireplace because they add a finishing touch. A great fireplace showroom Denver homeowners often recommend offers a variety of options in size, color and style, suitable for any interior design.

The good old traditional style:

A classic traditional fireplace mantle is the favorite of most of the customers, because with this style, it is easy to change based on your needs. Depending on the customer’s choice of style, the mantle can be a great addition to a fireplace, and its shape is an important choice, because the different shapes of the mantle–standard, semi-circular, or prismatic–can give your room a completely different feel. There are also options that may suit different homes, such as a delicately carved wood mantle, for instance, or one made of natural stone. These types of mantles will suit a traditional home very well.

A metal mantle is less common, but it can create an interesting style when used correctly to match the overall design of the room. Metal mantels are a splendid match for historic homes with traditional styles.

Natural or neutral colors are ideal for highlighting the fireplace so it will become the central attraction point in the room.