Are you looking for the perfect fireplace for your Denver home? Although electric fireplaces are some of the most convenient units you can buy, many experts tend to lean on gas fireplaces for offering a more authentic experience and improved heat output. Let the experts at Colorado Hearth & Home help you decide which works best for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Colorado Hearth & Home

Electric fireplaces have the advantage that they’re 100% clean and safe. Unlike gas fireplaces, they don’t actually have an open flame, and their design can be adjusted to just about anything you want. Moreover, electric fireplaces have a lot more programmable and hi-tech features, so if you like modern technology then you should definitely consider sticking to them.

Gas fireplaces might use an open flame, require fuel and be less safe than an electric fireplace, but they still have a lot of great advantages. Some would argue that the use of electricity is not a lot safer than the use of natural gas, since it can still lead to a fire when it’s misused or due to a short circuit. Gas fireplaces, in turn, contain the flame safely and are no less problematic than having a candle burning in an encased chamber.

The great advantage with owning a gas fireplace in Denver is that the heat output is the best of any type of fireplace, and you’ll get a “real” feel out of it. Unlike electric ones, gas fireplaces are genuine, and unlike wood burning fireplaces, they’re safe, low maintenance and easy to manage.