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OTT (Over The Top) CHILI


I tried this last weekend on the Twin Eagles Pellet Grill. I have been seeing alot of posts on  Primo Grill BBQers facebook group page where they are cooking the Chili with the meat smoking over the top of the Chili ingredients and thought I would try it on the pellet grill.
It turned out great. Basically I made my regular Chili recipe minus the meat and then placed the Chili in a disposable pan under the ground beef that was to be crumbled and added after the meat had been cooked and smoked for a few hours. A lot of the posts people are using cast iron pots but I did not have one so I used the disposable aluminum pans I use for the grill trays. I cooked the ground beef for 3 1/2 hours over the Chili with the “Smoke Plus” mode on the Twin Eagles Pellet Grill and after the meat was done I just crumbled the smoked meat into the Chili.
I have been known as having the best Chili  but even my wife said this was the best Chili she has ever had. I am looking forward to cooking it on the Primo Grill Next. It might add even more of the delicious smokiness.



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