Enviro G50 Gas Fireplace

The Enviro G50 Gas Fireplace is designed with Peace of Mind.We understand that surface temperatures are an important factor when considering how a fireplace will affect HDTVs or any framed decorations that might be mounted above. Heat rises naturally and with that in mind, every Enviro G50 Series Gas Fireplace comes equipped with our exclusive Cool Surface System.We designed this system to help channel excess rising heat up behind the wall and safely push it through an included vent bezel bypassing any valuables above your G Series fireplace.


  • Max 48,000 BTU’s
  • Clear View Safety Screen
  • Firebox Lighting on IPI Log model
  • Ember bed lighting on IPI Log model
  • Glass or Log Burner Style fire
  • IPI Electronic Valve
  • 130 cfm variable speed convection fan
  • Steel heat exchanger
  • 265lbs in weight
  • Efficiencies (steady state) – 72%
  • A.F.U.E. – 72%
  • EnerGuide FE Rating – 73.6%
  • Clean face (no louvers)
  • Optional Ceramic brick liner
  • Standard Ceramic Glass Front
  • Large viewing glass 30.5” x 43.5”   1326 Sq in
Price Shown is starting price without logs or venting.