multi sided fireplace

This high-tech electric fireplace can certainly meet your custom build’s needs. It can be configured as a single-sided, left corner, right corner, or 3-sided bay fireplace for wall-mount, 2 x 4 partial, or fully built-in clean face wall installations. You can even install it in a cabinet if you wish. Its versatility is what makes this smart fireplace great for any build.

What makes this fireplace even more remarkable is its heat output. By connecting an optional secondary line, it is capable of providing up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, a lot higher than most electric fireplaces; enough to provide ample heat for any room of approximately 800 sq ft.

Landscape Pro Multi features a beautiful light display with multi-colored flames, an ember bed, and a downlight. Its display is enhanced further with decorative media – a hand-painted canyon driftwood log set, clear acrylic stones, and black smoke acrylic crystals are included with the fireplace.

Have full control of your fireplace’s full spectrum of colors and heat by using the remote control that comes with this fireplace. More control options are available using the Modern Flames WiFi App with Smart Home Capabilities. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the display. Wireless Thermostat and Full Wall Control is an optional add-on, select before checking out.

Live in a truly modern living space and impress yourself and your guests! You will get free shipping from us if you buy the Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi today!

What’s Included: 3-Sided Electric Fireplace, Black Smoke Acrylic Crystals, Driftwood Log Set, Clear Acrylic Stones, Remote Control, and User’s Manual

Available in 44″, 56″, 68″, 80″ and 96″ lengths.