regency fireplace

Reignite the fire! With a gas fireplace you bring warmth, atmosphere and on-demand coziness into your home. Expe- rience Camina & Schmid combustion technology and enjoy comfort, style and innovation.
Trust and safetySafety in everything. Minimal energy for start-up, pro- tective cross lighting, double glass barrier with heat- resistant/reflective inner pane, and safety glass outer pane. Double flame guard and oversized pressure relief valves are only a few of the many Camina & Schmid gas fire safety specifications.Second burner functionThe second burner function gives you more control over your fire. The control range in heat output and energy absorption is nearly doubled. Coupled with the ECO mode, the second burner allows you to perfectly match the fire output and visual dynamics to your needs.Fire on demandThe intelligent remote control is made for easy handling and simple operation of all Camina & Schmid gas firepla- ces. Simply switch on the device and choose between aTechnical Data
uniform flame display, or ECO mode – where the flame display varies dynamically, resulting in a beautiful, realistic flame that saves energy and produces less heat.Full controlThe colorful WiFi-App gives you full control over your fi- replace. In addition to direct manual programming, you can choose from a thermostatic program and a fully pro- grammable ECO mode for an individualized, dynamic yet efficient flame display. To protect from curious little hands, the app even features a child lock option. Safety is of pa- ramount importance in everything that Camina & Schmid does.