Enviro Boston 1200 Cast Wood Insert


Enviro Boston 1200 Cast Wood Insert


Enviro’s Boston 1200 Wood Fireplace Insert features a traditional cast iron design and an efficiency rating of 82.6 percent. Twin pilot injector ports and single draft control makes starting and managing the fire easy. Once lit, flames will last 6-10 hours with minimal emissions.


-Cast iron design
-1.85 cu. ft. firebox.
-18 inch log size.
-Up to 67,000 BTUs.
-82.6% efficiency
-EPA tested to 3.3gms. emissions.
-Single, easy-to-use draft control to easily regulate the fire.
-Twin pilot-injector ports for easy start up.
-Ultra strong air wash to keep glass clean.
-6 to10 hours burn times.
-3 x 1 inch 304 grade stainless steel secondary air tubes.
-Brick-lined firebox with 6 inch flue.
-Heavy-duty construction weighing up to 335lbs.
-I/2 inch diameter door handle.
-Cast iron adjustable door latch.
-Levelling legs.
-135 cfm variable speed fan is standard.
Fan override switch
-EasyFit flue system.
-Wooden Door Handle

Price Shown is starting price without venting.


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