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Safety Concerns When Installing a Gas Fireplace in Denver

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Despite the fact that gas fireplaces are pretty easy to use, there can be some safety concerns that you need to consider. For example, people should avoid putting things such as pieces of wood, furniture or paper products in the proximity of a gas fireplace.

Safety screens should be properly attached to the fireplace unit. Despite the fact that these screens can make the unit safer, they can also become extremely hot and therefore can cause accidents.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have to be checked regularly also. Knowledgeable fireplace showroom Denver sales staff confirms that a yearly inspection may also help prevent undesirable accidents, malfunctions and further damage to your fireplace.

A good way to prevent injuries is to keep pets and children at a safe distance from your gas fireplace. The thing is when a gas fireplace is turned on, the glass and the surrounding metal part get hot.

Following the so-called 3-foot rule is yet another way to keep your safety concerns under control when having to install a gas fireplace. According to this rule, there should be a distance of 3 feet between your fireplace’s front and that of any kind of flammable items. And especially when you are at the beginning, you should use it under expert supervision.