Although most people associate improving their fireplace mantels before Christmas, these elements should be provided with much-needed attention year-round. Styling is one way you can enhance your fireplace mantel.

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We need to note that mantels are usually viewed from a distance, which can also influence the exact style you choose for them. As a matter of fact, it could be an excellent idea to mix different heights and sizes. Moreover, you can add additional layers to the mantel to give it a unique finished look.

When buying your fireplace mantels in Denver, consider a few essential facts. For instance, you can place a mirror above the mantel, as this can make the entire room more charming and spacious at the same time.

The mantel’s projection is another essential detail that should not be omitted. And perhaps the most apparent criterion that must be considered when purchasing a mantel is the size of the firebox opening.

The color is essential, too, and it needs to match the entire fireplace and the rest of your room. The texture and finishes may also vary, and you should choose the ones which best complement this essential focal point in your house.

Keep in mind your preferences when styling your mantel. Retailers with the best fireplaces in Denver showcase mantels as well. Visit Colorado Hearth & Home for a large selection of fireplace and mantel options. Their experienced customer design team can help you chose the one that works best for your home and budget.