OTT (Over The Top) CHILIott chili

OTT (OVER THE TOP) CHILI I tried this last weekend on the Twin Eagles Pellet Grill. I have been seeing alot of posts on  Primo Grill BBQers facebook group page where they are cooking the Chili with the meat smoking over the top of the Chili ingredients and thought I would try it on the […]


CITRUS BRINED TURKEY ON THE PRIMO GRILL We have not tried this one yet but anything from the Primo Grill is usually great. Turkey Ingredients1 whole thawed turkey3 oranges (wedged)3 lemons (wedged)Brine Ingredients4 cups orange juice0.25 cup lemon juice0.25 cup lime juice0.5 cup cup honey1 cup brown sugar2 cups coarse kosher salt2 Tbsp pickling spice* (see […]