The Covid pandemic has certainly contributed to people’s interest in making their homes more appealing. Because so many people had to work from home, they began to be interested in the way they decorated their houses and how to provide them with a warmer, cozier feel.

And fireplaces began to grow in popularity, among other essential elements inside one’s home. So if you are looking for fireplace mantels in Denver, you should get familiar with trends and designs which can help you have the most appealing fireplace in your area.

Since the beauty of a mantelpiece can certainly play a major role in the general appearance of a fireplace and of an interior, in general, the materials are very important.

fireplace mantels Denver

One of the most prominent trends in fireplace mantels Denver homeowners seem to be selecting these days is that of mixing the traditional style with the contemporary one. Another popular trend is that of a fireplace wall, which can act as a real barrier between two spaces, but without completely closing off a certain space.

The general trend is to keep things simple and clean. This minimalist simplicity also includes materials which are neutral, simple and natural. Saving space is among the designer’s top choices also. And dramatic fireplaces, which draw attention, are also highly fashionable.