We often buy fireplace mantels for aesthetic purposes. However, that wasn’t their original purpose, as during the medieval period when they were first designed, they had a much more functional role. Early fireplace mantels were developed to actually direct the smoke from the fire back towards the chimney and away from the room that they were placed in. As wood burning fireplaces went out of use over time, this goal was no longer sought – since electric and gas powered fireplaces don’t produce smoke – but mantels still remain in use to this day.

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So, what’s so special about a fireplace mantel? Well, from an aesthetic point of view, they are an essential complementary component of any fireplace design. They stand out through their unique design, provide a surface on which you can place clocks, decorations and other items, and they also create a framing contrast that makes the fireplace stand out more.

Fireplace mantels can also provide a more authentic feel which is essential if you own an electric fireplace that doesn’t feature an actual fire. With a well-designed mantel at your disposal, you can create the appearance of owning something that resembles very much an authentic 17th century English or French fireplace, and impress your guests and friends with it.

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