Installing a fireplace insert to take advantage of the compartment and chimney of an existing fireplace is a very good idea. Perfectly integrated with the décor, with a valuable design and high heating functionality, an insert is one of the most comfortable and impressive solutions. This built-in firebox is inserted into the existing fireplace, configured as a closed hearth, equipped with a high-temperature resistant ceramic glass door to reduce thermal dispersion and with higher potential than a traditional fireplace.

The steel frame, with ceramic or cast-iron coating, accumulates heat and slowly diffuses it into the environment, generating even heat throughout the room. This is seen as the biggest advantage, since heating also occurs through convection, a thermal exchange between the heat produced and the indoor environment.

With a gas fireplace insert you can turn a pre-existing fireplace into a better source of heating: there are different types of fireplaces on the market that match various aesthetic needs, décor styles, and personal tastes.

Colorado Hearth & Home

Installation of a gas fireplace insert in Denver should always be done by a professional, to prevent accidents caused by improper installation, to improve energy efficiency and heat diffusion in your home, as well as to protect your investment. To schedule time to visit with a fireplace insert specialist at Colorado Hearth and Home, visit