Rekindle your passion for outdoor living with top-quality fire pits.

Colorado Hearth & Home takes the lead in delivering exquisite fire features for your backyard.

With decades of experience, we’ve assisted numerous customers in discovering the ideal fire pit to transform their backyard into a serene haven. We’ve scoured North America for the finest fire pits and accessories and have even crafted our own unique designs. Whether you aspire to elevate your outdoor space with a contemporary fire feature or create a cozy nook with a rustic fire pit, we’re eager to help you find the perfect style for your patio.

Our Story

We are deeply rooted in the world of fire pits.

Our love for backyard design has been a lifelong passion. With over 35 years in the industry, we were among the pioneers in North America to venture into the realm of gas fire pits.

Our journey began with a physical store in the southern Denver area, known as Colorado Hearth and Home. Over time, we ventured into the digital realm to extend our expertise beyond Colorado’s borders.

Today, our fire pits grace thousands of homes across the nation. We are genuinely honored that so many have entrusted us with the design, planning, and creation of the centerpiece of their outdoor spaces.

Our Promise


Call us old-school, but we’ll never compromise quality. Although our selection is extensive, we only offer products guaranteed to be the best.

We care deeply about our customers. Our team places a major emphasis on providing personalized support, guidance, and expert design direction.

We love finding interesting solutions to complex fire pit problems. From our custom fire pits to creative design advice – innovation is at the core of everything we do.

Fire-Ready or Tailored Creations

When it comes to your outdoor sanctuary, the only boundary is your imagination. Choose from a diverse range of fire-ready pits, bowls, tables, water features, and even sound-responsive designs.

Seeking something unique? Create your very own.
Select one of our DIY fire pit kits for an enjoyable backyard project, or better yet, allow us to bring your vision to life. Our skilled designers can craft a fully customized backyard masterpiece tailored to your precise specifications.

We guarantee it will become your preferred gathering spot for friends and family for many years to come.