Steven Raichlen’s Grilled Eggs With Prociuttogrilled eggs with prociutto

This a great recipe that we found on Memphis Grills weblive sex chat that is Featured on Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire and from the Project Fire cookbook. It is a great and easy recipe that I have cooked on my Memphis Pro many times. If I do not have the Prociutto I have substituted bacon.Ingredients4 […]

Grilled Porkchops with a Smoked and Chunky Apple Saucegrilled pork chops with chunky apple sauce

Grilled Porkchops with a Smoked and Chunky Apple Sauce Ingredients The Meat: 5 Pork chops 3 Tbs of Pork Rub Smoked and Chunky Apple Sauce: 5 Golden Delicious Apples (or other sweet apple variety) 1 Tsp Cinnamon ground ½ Tsp Allspice ground ½ Tsp Salt ½ Cup Apple Juice Preparation 1. Season the pork chops […]

Glazed Corned Beef Braised in Guinness with Cabbageglazed corn beef

Glazed Corned Beef On The Memphis Pellet Grill Ingredients Corned Beef brisket, flat cut 1 can Guinness 4 cloves garlic ½ cooking onion 1 medium-sized cabbage 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp dark brown sugar Preparation 1. In the morning remove the flat cut brisket from the plastic and rinse. Place in a stainless steel […]